With motorboat in the Danube Bend

Comfortable & fast way to get to the other side of the Danube!

6 person in one round.

+36 30 640 3897
Your bikes also fit.
From Visegrad or Nagymaros

Other side 8 000 Ft

Kisoroszi / island peak 8 000 Ft

Kisoroszi / Szentgyorgypuszta 8 000 Ft

Nagymaros, Nomad bar 8 000 Ft

Kismaros sand island 8 000 Ft

Dunabogdany beach 8 000 Ft

From Kisoroszi or Szentgyorgypuszta

Other side 5 000 Ft

Kisoroszi island peak 5 000 Ft

Visegrad / Nagymaros beach 8 000 Ft

Nagymaros, Nomad bar 8 000 Ft

Kismaros sand island 8 000 Ft

Dunabogdany beach 5 000 Ft

From Dunabogdany

Kisoroszi center 5 000 Ft

Kisoroszi island peak 8 000 Ft

Visegrad or Nagymaros beach 8 000 Ft

Nagymaros Nomad bar 8 000 Ft

Kismaros sand island 8 000 Ft


16 000 Ft / 30 perc

Available from 8am to 10pm daily, depending on weather, from May 1st to August 31st. All passengers take part in the journey at their own risk!


This is not a professional passenger transport. The numbers shown below are a friendly contribution to common shipping costs such as fuel, service, storage of the boat.

Over experience & comfort, this solution of travel could be cheaper to the following places than by paying ferry.

All amounts appeared below indicated by direction & ship! 7 persons fits in one round!

Top places in the Danube bend

Kisoroszi island peak

Kisoroszi island peak: the iconic point of the Danube Bend. Good beach & panorama. Bring food and drink because the bar is further away. The beach is pebble, The Danube is fast-flowing, but the water is slowly deepening.

Dunabogdany beach

Dunabogdany, beach: royal twisted ice cream in the Szunyog buffet. The Forgo Restaurant waits for you with the best Goulash of the Danube Bend! You can lie on a sandy beach. There is a freshly baked pastry at the Heim Bakery around 5 pm every afternoon.

Nagymaros Nomad bar 1692

Nagymaros, Nomad Bar 1692: half-hippie place with good music, monkey swings. There are also good quality concerts on Friday and Saturday nights. Its grassy beach is located on one side of the Danube.

Kismaros sand island

Kismaros, sand island: here is the finest sandy free beach in the area! Ideal for children because the water deepens very slowly and the drift is weak. Normal water level from -50cm the place exists. Waves of larger ships wash across the island. It can only be approached via water.

Nagymaros beach

Nagymaros, beach: the best hake on the Danube bend can be bought in the corner buffet. The view here is not unworthy either. The Picnic Manfacture offers homemade cookies, craft beers and good cuisine. Sandy beach. Brand new playground for ages 1-6. From here it is only 38 minutes by train to Budapest – Nyugati Train Station.


Szentgyorgypuszta & Aprily-valley: perfect sunset view spot with great pizzas at the Gonduzo. Or a nice summer walk through the cool Aprily valley?

Zebegeny beach

Zebegeny, beach: west facing pebble beach, fine flame waiting for this place. Here’s the Eleszto Plazs that gives you a genuine Danube bend feeling! It is worth to go to the Galeria Cukraszda for poppy seed strudel in the village.

Pilismarot beach

Pilismarot, beach: an ideal place to splash over beers at one of pubs near the Danube or at the Camping buffet where even the food is good! In good weather, life is buzzing even after sunset. Pebble beach.

Helemba island

Helemba-island: a deserted place in the middle of the Danube, at the mouth of the Ipoly. Apart from the gravels and few trees, there is nothing else, just peace. Dragos the Romanian climbed to this island with his cargo ship in the spring of 2019 (after 8 shots of vodka).

Motorboats we use

6 passangers

fits in one round


maximum speed above water

75 le

environmentally friendly, 4 stroke Honda engine


less fuel consumption compared to traditional motorboats

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Óriási buli”

A bogdányi strandon voltak páran, aztán kitaláltuk, hogy jó lenne körülnézni a környéken. Senkinek nem volt kedve visszaülni a forró autóba. Nem bántuk meg..:)


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Fast solution”

We call them, after we late the ferry at Kisoroszi. There was no problem to get the island. We were 6 with bikes.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


Sosem ültem még ennyire csendes és gyors motorcsónakban! Ki kell próbalni 1x!


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